Pinterest Makes Marketing Fun!

Pinterest = social marketing = $$$

If you’re a marketer and haven’t heard of Pinterest recently, you have been living under a rock. The latest craze in the social media world, Pinterest (with nearly 5 million users!) is a social photo sharing website with a pinboard-style design. Its simple, innovative style makes it easy for it to be implemented into the marketing strategy for any business.

The concept of Pinterest is relatively easy for any marketer to understand and master. “Pins” are meant to be shared on different, specialized “boards” and different users follow the activity on these boards. Each pin is essentially a picture that can be tracked back to URL or website.

Pinterest is great to use as a marketing strategy, even if the marketing budget of a company is a low one. By redirecting a potential customer to a page that can guarantee a sale (right on the company’s website), a marketer can bring in revenue for a business while increasing awareness of the brand.

A business can maximize its marketing reach by even sharing its pins on their Facebook and Twitter pages! This tactic will increase followers as well as expand the overall social media exposure of a brand.

A company doesn’t necessarily have to market its products on Pinterest. It can interact with the company’s followers by sharing different pins of a variety of boards. A sport clothing business, for example, can make an “Outdoors” board and simply share photos of places that are a sport buff’s heaven. Not only will the variety of pins draw in consumers, but of boards give consumers the feel that the company is like another friend they follow on Pinterest.

Best of all, Pinterest has a “Gifts” section! Companies can market their products or services just by adding a dollar sign ($) in front of a price of a pin. The gifts section of Pinterest allows marketers to reach consumers who are clearly in need of a product and looking for resources to fulfill that need. This part of the social media site makes it easy and accessible for marketing efforts to be noticed.

All in all, Pinterest is a great resource for marketers to invest time in. It’s interactive, social and an innovative way to drive traffic (and revenue!) to a company for little to no marketing budget. What’s not to like?

One thought on “Pinterest Makes Marketing Fun!

  1. I just started using Pinterest and I absolutely love it. Like you mentioned, it’s a great opportunity for marketers to bring awareness to their companies. However, one of the reason why I love Pinterest is because marketers are not too pushy. As a user you have the control of what you view or don’t view and I only hope that it continues to stay that way. The second that marketers start pushing each other and competing to get attention, it starts to push people away.

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